Benham's Grove

There will be no official events at Benhams Grove this year.


This beautiful location has served as the venue for our fine arts show in recent years, and this year we are doing even more to promote this important area. With the theme, Meet Me At The Grove, we are working to create an unhurried retreat within the heart of the Americana Festival. While vendors in Benham’s Grove traditionally enjoy as much traffic as those on Main St, the atmosphere in this area is more relaxed, allowing festival goers more time to explore booths and make purchases.

This year the Benham’s Grove area will also feature live music and dining options designed to make it an attractive destination within the busy festival. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to place a booth in Benham’s Grove. Not only are you likely see increased foot traffic, you will also enjoy easier set up and take down.

We hope you will Meet Us At The Grove during the Americana Festival!